PM Coupler

The AWG (Arrayed Waveguide Grating) is a passive de-multiplexing device that spatially separates a stream of optical signals from a single-mode input fiber into different single mode fibers, each corresponding to an individual ITU channel in the specified wavelength band. The device can also be applied in the reverse format for multiplexing applications.

DK Photonics now can offers a full range of AWG products, including 50GHz, 100GHz and 200GHz AWG.Channel number from Thermal/Athermal 200G 16 channel AWG up to Thermal/Athermal 50G 96 channel AWG packed in a single package.

The Thermal/Athermal AWG from DK Photonics are fully qualified according to Telcordia reliability assurance requirements for fiber optic and opto-electronic components (GR-1221-CORE/UNC, Generic Reliability Assurance Requirements for Fiber Optic Branching Components, and Telcordia TR-NWT-000468, Reliability Assurance Practices for Opto-electronic Devices).

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