PM Coupler

PM (N+1)x1 Pump & Signal Combiner

Pump combiner is a passive component, built based on fused biconical taper (FBT) technique, widely used in fiber laser, fiber amplifier, high power EDFA, biomedical and sensor systems, etc.

DK Photonics offers pump combiners built by engineers with solid knowledge and technical background; we stand by our high quality and cost-effective products with our great services as well.
We can produce Pump and Signal Combiner including (2+1)x1,(6+1)x1,(18+1)x1and so on.Pump fiber,singal fiber and output fiber type and the configuration can be customized.If you do not see a Pump and Signal Combiner from the standard configurations that meets your needs, we welcome the opportunity to review your desired specification and quote a custom Pump and Signal Combiner. Requests for custom pump fiber,singal fiber,output fiber type and the configuration,the handling power or other specific needs will be readily addressed.DK Photonics can respond to custom requirements with short lead times.
 (6+1)X1 Pump and Signal Combiner (2+1)x1 Pump and Signal Combiner  Mode Field Adapter 
(6+1)X1 Pump and Signal Combiner (2+1)x1 Pump and Signal Combiner Mode Field Adapter
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